About 3D


To serve the East African Market around Uganda with reliable tracking solutions.


To remain relevant to customers with the development of innovative ICT based tracking solutions.


Respect for our employees | Dedication to understanding customers | Professionalism at work | Teamwork | Innovation.

Organisation Structure


  • Real-time fuel analysis i.e.
    • Fuel quantity loaded.
    • Fuel consumed per kilometre
    • Fuel siphoned
  • Serve more customers in less time.
  • Reduced mileage and driver over time.
  • Eliminate personal trips.
  • Reduce wear and tear on fleet.
  • Eliminate excessive idle time.
  • Minimize unauthorized use and after-hours usage.
  • Use fewer vehicles to do the same amount of work.

Improve Customer Service

  • Accurately predict arrival times.
  • Faster pickups and deliveries by dispatching the closest vehicles.
  • Ensure employees visit customer and company sites.

Driver/Employee and Vehicle Management

  • Assist lost drivers.
  • Reduce employee down/waiting time.
  • Coordinate dispatch and delivery personnel.
  • Support performance appraisals for drivers.
  • Automated reminders for vehicle maintenance.
  • Keep the records of vehicle maintenance(repairs and servicing).
  • Monitor cargo door OPEN/CLOSE status.
  • Alerts upon door OPEN/CLOSE at pre-set GPS location.

Safety and Security

  • Locate, immobilize and recover stolen vehicles.
  • Locate broken down vehicles.
  • Assist distressed drivers when they press the panic button.
  • Set No-Go zones for notification when vehicle enter a defined area.
  • Set Geo Fences for notification when vehicles leave a defined area.

3D Staff