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Dashboards are visual interfaces that display key information and data in a consolidated and easily digestible format. 

In telematics, dashboards provide users with a real-time or historical overview of important metrics.

Telematics data is represented on dashboards through various visual elements to make it easy to understand.

Charts and Graphs:

Line charts, bar graphs, and pie charts display trends, comparisons, and proportions, offering a visual snapshot of key metrics.


Interactive maps show real-time vehicle locations, routes, and geospatial data, enhancing situational awareness.

Gauges: Circular gauges or meters visually represent values like speed, fuel level, or engine temperature, providing a quick overview.

Tables: Tabular data presents detailed information in an organized format, often allowing users to sort and filter based on specific criteria.

Icons and Symbols: Intuitive symbols and icons convey information at a glance, such as warning signs for maintenance issues or alerts.

Colour Coding: The strategic use of colors helps highlight critical information, trends, or potential concerns, improving overall visibility.

Timeline Displays: Timelines show the chronological sequence of events, making it easier to track historical data and patterns.

Dashlets: Modular components or widgets display specific data sets, allowing users to customize their dashboard layout based on priorities.

The visual representations provided by BI Dashboards aim to simplify complex data, enabling users to quickly grasp insights and take informed actions in managing their fleet or operations.

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