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Capo isn’t just a wristwatch; it’s a powerful tracking device. By equipping your field staff with Capo, you gain real-time visibility into their whereabouts through the IVMS portal or app. Primarily designed for tracking security personnel, technicians, and corporate staff performing off-site tasks, Capo also serves as a reliable solution for monitoring the elderly or loved ones with mental illnesses.

Offering peace of mind and security, Capo transforms how you oversee and safeguard your team or vulnerable individuals.

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Capo is engineered to empower staff supervisors and managers by offering a range of functionalities:

  • Location Tracking: Easily determine whether employees are at their designated locations during working hours.
  • Movement Playback: Review the historical movements of staff members for enhanced oversight and accountability.
  • Geofence Setup: Establish geofences to monitor employee entry and exit from specific areas, ensuring compliance with schedules and visits to company or client sites.
  • Reporting and Alerts: Receive real-time reports and alerts when employees arrive at or depart from designated locations.

Key Features of Capo

Real-Time Location Tracking: Pinpoint the exact location of your field staff with precision using advanced GPS technology, accessible effortlessly on the iVMS platform.

Geofencing Capabilities: Define virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts when employees enter or exit designated areas, allowing you to manage and optimise work zones seamlessly.

Tamper-Proof Design: CAPO’s secure wristwatch design discourages unauthorised removal by sending a notification whenever the wearer removes the watch, guaranteeing continuous tracking and data accuracy.

Comprehensive Reporting: Run detailed reports on employee movements, attendance, and productivity, providing valuable insights for streamlined operations and performance evaluation.

SOS Notifications: Prioritise employee safety with the built-in SOS feature. Instantly receive notifications in case of emergencies, ensuring swift response and assistance when needed.

Task Compliance via RFID Tags: Enhance security measures by deploying RFID tags along designated perimeters. 

Benefits of Using Capo

peace of mind

Increased Productivity: Discourage tardiness and early departures with real-time tracking, promoting a culture of punctuality and accountability.

Enhanced Safety: Prioritise employee well-being with SOS notifications and location tracking, providing a reliable safety net for professionals working in various fields.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Optimise workforce management through geofencing and reporting tools, allowing for strategic decision-making and resource allocation.

Streamlined Operations: Run a tight ship with comprehensive data on employee activities, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and streamline daily operations.

Invest in CAPO today to upgrade how you manage and safeguard your field staff, unlocking a new era of efficiency, accountability, and workplace safety.

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