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Dash AI

Dash AI is our flagship product that combines a Dash Cam with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to usher in a new normal in modern fleet safety and driver behaviour surveillance.

The artificial intelligence includes Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Status Monitoring(DSM) and Blind Spot Detection.

Video telematics involves the use of video and AI to monitor and warn drivers in real time of danger, events and accidents. Short video clips are saved in the Evidence Centre.

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Dash AI uses predictive analysis powered by AI which is the heart of the system. It uses real-time data and predictive algorithms to alert drivers of potential hazards in advance. This enables drivers to be prepared and prevent risks, creating a safer driving environment for every road user.

Fleet managers can use data-driven insights to make informed decisions and avoid future accidents. With Dash AI, advanced technology meets proactive risk management to drive your business forward and set new standards in fleet safety.

Types of Cameras used in the AI and Video Telematics

DASH AI is DASHCAM with artificial intelligence capabilities. 

The artificial intelligence includes Driver Status Monitoring(DSM), Blind Spot Detection and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


1. Detections of the DMS Camera

2. Detections of the BSD Camera

1. Detections of the DMS Camera

The Driver Monitoring Status Camera is mounted to face the driver, and the AI monitors for fatigue driving, the no#1 cause of accidents! To know that the driver is fatigued, AI looks out for;

  • Signs of sleepiness
  • Signs of exhaustion
  • Signs of distraction
  • Yawning & Dozzing.

2. Detections of the BSD Camera

The Blind Spot Detection Camera, seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, offers unparalleled safety features by scanning the surrounding area and accurately detecting cyclists, pedestrians, and fixed objects in close proximity. Drivers are promptly warned of potential dangers to mitigate accidents.

Primarily deployed at stops, turns, zebra crossings, and parking lots, these cameras enhance safety in critical areas of operation.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - How they work

ADAS, short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, provides additional safety measures by detecting and notifying drivers of potential hazards in three key conditions:

  1. Forward Collision: A warning is triggered when the vehicle is near a front collision, alerting the driver to take preventive action.

  2. Lane Departure: An alert notifies the driver when erractic lane changing is detected, preventing unintended accidents.

  3. Headway Monitoring: Also known as “tail gating” a warning is triggered whenever a vehicle is detected ahead, promoting safe following distances.

Benefits of using the Dash AI

Dashboard cameras allow for continuous monitoring of driving behaviour and road conditions, therefore their advantages are expansive once the AI element is added in the mix. 

Dash AI Reduces Distracted Driving Even under optimal circumstances, drivers can get tired or distracted, leading to a higher risk of accidents or aggressive driving.  The mere presence of Dash AI can help keep drivers focused on the road, however, where necessary, Dash AI can initiate alerts in form of sound  to let a driver know that they need to focus their attention on the road, keeping them safe while enforcing compliance.

Mitigating Risk After an Accident When a collision occurs, many times, there is a disconnect between negligence and liability. Large organizations with big fleets are assumed to have more resources (i.e. more insurance) and are therefore targeted for payouts, even if they’re not at fault.  Dash Cam AI can record what happens before, during, and after an incident occurs. Video footage can be used as evidence in a claim and identify who is truly at fault, potentially exonerating your drivers.

AI Dash Cams for Fleets Reduce Costs The use of Dash Cam AI can significantly reduce the cost of operations, including insurance premiums, maintenance and operational costs. When paired with IVMS, Dash Cam AI can provide real-time data about how your drivers operate your vehicles, identifying speeding, distance, idling, harsh braking or speeding.  These data sets provide insights not only into driver behaviour but into vehicle repair and maintenance.  Using AI footage to identify these behaviours allows you to stop excessive wear and tear before it happens.

AI Dash Cams for Fleets Improve Driver / Management Relationships Good or bad, all driving behaviour becomes a teachable moment. Dash Cam AI is changing the way fleet management takes place by offering driver coaching in real time. When an alert goes off, the fleet manager can choose to initiate in-cabin communication with the driver to promote better driving habits and keep drivers safe and this can foster trust between the two parties. Dash Cam AI constitutes a next-gen approach to coaching, training, accident reduction and better driving.

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