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Dash Cam

The Dashboard Camera, equipped with GPS capabilities, is mounted above the vehicle’s dashboard, offering comprehensive monitoring and recording functionalities.

Dash Cam, a versatile 2-in-1 camera, features a front-facing lens for capturing the road ahead and a cabin-facing lens for internal monitoring.

Key Features of the Dashcam

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The Dashcam is equipped with an intelligent G-Force sensor that enables it to detect various events such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking,,  harsh cornering, and speeding.

This sensor acts as a vigilant observer, constantly monitoring the driving behavior and identifying any potentially risky situations.

When such events are detected, the Dashcam automatically activates a mechanism that captures short video clips of these incidents. These clips are then stored in a dedicated folder called the evidence center. Each clip includes the crucial six seconds leading up to the event, the event itself, and the following six seconds. 

This comprehensive footage provides a clear and concise summary of what transpired during the incident.

Benefits of Using the Dashcam

  1. A condensed summary of events: No matter how long the trip is,  a long trip is, fleet managers can expect hours of footage and instead of sifting through extensive video recordings, fleet managers can simply access the evidence center and quickly review the relevant clips saving valuable time and allows for more efficient monitoring of driver behavior and overall trip performance.

 2. Real-time streaming capabilities: This enabling fleet owners and managers to check in on the trip or the driver at any point during the journey. This live-streaming feature provides an added layer of visibility and control, allowing immediate intervention in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.

3. Improved safety and  performance: By identifying areas for improvement, and reducing the risk of accidents. The evidence center serves as a valuable resource for training purposes, allowing fleet managers to provide targeted feedback and coaching to drivers based on actual incidents captured by the Dashcam.

4. The Dashcam is a powerful tool that offers intelligent monitoring capabilities and valuable insights for efficient fleet management. By leveraging its features, fleet owners and managers can enhance safety, optimize operations, and ultimately achieve greater success in their endeavors.

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