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Driver Score Card (DSC)

DSC is an app that sits on the core IVMS telematics system which is generally used to monitor driver behaviour, specifically driver fatigue/exhaustion tracking and management.

Driver fatigue is known to be the most common cause of accidents on the road in long-distance journeys.

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Key Features of the Driver Score Card

1. Driver Fatigue Tracking and Management:

DSC uses algorithms to monitor driver fatigue during long-distance driving. By analyzing driving patterns and duration, DSC identifies instances where drivers may be at risk of fatigue-related accidents, helping to prevent accidents caused by driver drowsiness.

2.Compliance with Rest Regulations:

DSC automates monitoring of driver rest intervals to ensure compliance with regulations. Drivers are reminded to take a 20-minute break after every 4 hours of continuous driving, with more frequent breaks during night journeys.

3. Integration with IVMS Telematics System:

DSC integrates with IVMS, providing real-time tracking of vehicle ignition status and historical track data. Fleet managers can monitor compliance with run-time regulations, track rest hours, and analyze driving behavior.

4. Automated Reporting and Alerts:

DSC offers automated reports and alerts for fleet managers to identify safety risks and compliance issues. With customizable alerts, managers can receive notifications for instances of driver fatigue, rest regulation violations, and aggressive driving behaviors. These alerts enable managers to proactively address safety concerns and mitigate road risks.

Benefits of Using the Driver Score Card

Enhanced Road Safety:

By actively monitoring driver fatigue and promoting compliance with rest regulations, DSC contributes to enhanced road safety and reduced accident rates. Timely interventions based on DSC insights help prevent fatigue-related accidents, protecting both drivers and other road users.

Regulatory Compliance:

DSC ensures compliance with regulatory mandates concerning driver rest intervals, helping businesses avoid penalties and legal liabilities associated with non-compliance. By automating rest tracking and reporting, DSC simplifies regulatory compliance efforts and reduces administrative burdens for fleet managers.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

DSC’s integration with the IVMS telematics system provides comprehensive insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance. By analyzing driving patterns and identifying areas for improvement, businesses can optimize operational efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and extend vehicle lifespan.

Cost Savings:

By preventing accidents and minimizing vehicle downtime, DSC helps businesses save costs associated with repairs, insurance premiums, and legal expenses. Additionally, improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear contribute to long-term cost savings for fleet operations.

DSC helps businesses enhance road safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency. By investing in DSC, businesses can prioritize safety, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable fleet management practices.

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