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Driver Score Card (DSC)

DSC is an app that sits on the core IVMS telematics system which is generally used to monitor driver behaviour, specifically driver fatigue/exhaustion tracking and management.

Driver fatigue is known to be the most common cause of accidents on the road in long-distance journeys.

Key Features of the Driver Score Card

Behaviour Monitoring: DSC meticulously tracks driver actions, promoting responsible driving habits and enhancing overall road safety.

Real-time Feedback: Instantly assess driver performance with colour-coded ratings, enabling swift intervention and focused training where needed.

Customizable Alerts: Tailor alerts based on specific criteria, ensuring fleet managers receive notifications for critical events such as prolonged idling or harsh driving.

Historical Analytics: Access comprehensive historical data to identify trends and patterns, allowing for informed decision-making and continuous improvement in driver performance.

Benefits of Using the Driver Score Card

Enhanced Safety: Promote responsible driving practices, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer road environment for all.

Cost Savings: Optimize fuel consumption by curbing excessive idling and harsh driving, leading to reduced operational costs and increased fuel efficiency.

Compliance Management: Streamline adherence to recommended vehicle run hours, enhancing the lifespan of your fleet and minimising unexpected maintenance costs.

Training Opportunities: Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training to drivers, leading to a more skilled and responsible team.

Efficient Fleet Management: With real-time insights and historical analytics, DSC empowers fleet managers to make data-driven decisions, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

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