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Genset is our fuel management system for commercial generators. 

Mains power is unreliable, so businesses like yours may purchase a generator to ensure the smooth running of your operations.  Some generators may be stationed in remote places due to a business having branches and operations in those places. Large construction projects, commercial agricultural projects, commercial real estate and others are a few use cases for Genset.

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Large construction projects, commercial agricultural projects, commercial real estate and others are a few use cases for Genset.

Unfortunately, where there are large volumes of fuel, there is a thriving black market for that fuel and people who are eager to convert that fuel back to cash that lines their pockets at your expense.

That’s where we come in with our Genset package, to help you get ahead of this problem.

Key Features of Genset

  1. Fuel Level Sensor:

Genset is equipped with a state-of-the-art Fuel Level Sensor that is seamlessly installed in the fuel tank of your generator. This sensor provides accurate and real-time data regarding the fuel levels in the tank, ensuring you have full visibility into your fuel reserves at any given time.

2, IVMS Portal Integration:

The Fuel Level Sensor connects directly to our In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) portal. This online platform serves as a centralized hub where you can access comprehensive information related to your generator’s fuel consumption and management.

3. Real-Time Monitoring:

Through the IVMS portal, users can monitor the fuel levels in their generator’s tank in real-time. This feature empowers businesses to stay informed about fuel availability, enabling proactive planning and effective management of fuel resources.

4. Fuel Refueling Tracking:

Genset allows users to track fuel refueling activities accurately. By monitoring the quantity of fuel added to the tank during each refueling session, businesses can ensure that fuel supply aligns with operational demands, minimizing the risk of shortages or excess fuel storage.

Benefits of Using Genset

  1. Enhanced Fuel Management:

 Genset empowers businesses to optimize fuel usage, minimize wastage, and streamline refueling processes. With accurate real-time monitoring, companies can make informed decisions to maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs.

2. Improved Security: 

By proactively detecting and preventing fuel theft, Genset enhances security and protects businesses from potential losses. The system provides peace of mind, knowing that fuel resources are safeguarded and effectively managed.

3. Fuel Theft Prevention: 

Combat fuel theft effectively with Genset’s advanced security measures. The system can detect any unauthorized fuel removal or siphoning from the tank, providing immediate alerts to prevent losses and safeguard valuable fuel resources.

4. Fuel Supplier Auditing: 

Genset enables businesses to audit their fuel suppliers effectively. By comparing the actual volume of fuel used over a specific period to the volume stated in invoices from the supplier, companies can identify discrepancies and ensure transparency in fuel transactions.

Genset empowers businesses to effectively monitor, manage, and protect their fuel resources. Experience the reliability, security, and efficiency that Genset brings to your operations, and stay ahead of fuel-related challenges with confidence.

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