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iVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)

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IVMS is our core telematics solution and it is the backbone of nearly all our other products.

You’ll notice in our brochures, that we say a product/solution “sits on top of the IVMS platform”, which means that that product/solution is offered in addition to the IVMS.

So what’s iVMS?

The iVMS platform is a fleet management system that helps fleet owners and managers to maintain hassle-free control of assets in transit or assets stationed in remote areas. Those assets can be vehicles, equipment, people or goods.

As a comprehensive fleet management system, iVMS empowers fleet owners and managers to maintain hassle-free control of assets in transit or stationed in remote areas. IVMS takes on two forms;

  1. Hardware in the form of a tracking device for which you pay a one-time fee. Our technical team oversees the installation of the tracking device in the manner best suited for the asset.
  2. Software with an easy-to-use interface that you access via an app on your phone or tablet or through our web portal. (You are given a username and password that you use to access your dashboard.)  Software access is charged on a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription basis.

IVMS is the solution for you IF you are a fleet owner or manager who;

  1. Desires to reduce operating costs and increase your profit margins

2. Wants to increase the efficiency and productivity of your fleet

3. Would like to implement the rules and guidelines set by your company for its employees to follow when they are out of sight

4. Is ready to stop the misuse and abuse of company assets by unruly individuals and groups

5. Is interested in organising and simplifying the process of tracking vehicle and equipment service, spares and repair.

Key Features of iVMS

  1. Hardware and Software Integration:

iVMS encompasses both hardware and software components. The hardware comprises tracking devices installed in assets, ensuring real-time tracking and monitoring. The software component provides an intuitive interface accessible via mobile apps or web portals, allowing users to manage fleets effortlessly.

2. Live Tracking and Monitoring:

With iVMS, fleet owners and managers can monitor the live locations and status of their assets in real-time. From vehicle speed to direction, iVMS provides crucial insights to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

3.  Customizable Reports:

Users can customize reports according to their specific requirements, tailoring the information included in reports to suit their needs. Additionally, iVMS automates report generation and delivery, streamlining administrative processes and ensuring timely access to critical data.

4. Geofencing and Alerts:

iVMS offers robust geofencing capabilities, allowing users to set up virtual fences around designated areas. Notifications are triggered whenever assets enter or leave geofenced zones, enabling proactive management and security.

5. Journey Management System:

The journey management system within iVMS facilitates the creation of time schedules, travel plans, and pre-set routes. Moreover, it includes a driver database for storing essential driver information, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. Driver Behavior Monitoring:

iVMS enables the monitoring of driver behavior, including harsh acceleration, braking, and freewheeling. By identifying and addressing poor driving habits, fleet managers can improve safety and reduce fuel consumption.

Benefits of using iVMS

1. Cost Reduction and Profit Maximization: 

By leveraging iVMS, fleet owners and managers can reduce operating costs and increase profit margins through enhanced efficiency and productivity. The ability to monitor and optimize fleet performance leads to significant cost savings.

2. Enforcement of Company Guidelines: 

iVMS empowers businesses to implement and enforce rules and guidelines for employees, even when they are out of sight. This ensures adherence to company policies and mitigates the misuse of company assets.

3. Streamlined Maintenance Management:

With iVMS, tracking vehicle and equipment service, spares, and repairs becomes seamless and organized. By streamlining maintenance processes, businesses can minimize downtime and extend asset lifecycles.

4. Versatility and Compatibility:

iVMS is compatible with various vehicles and equipment, including agricultural and construction machinery, heavy goods vehicles, light trucks, ambulances, motorcycles, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

By providing comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and management capabilities, iVMS empowers businesses to optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and drive profitability. Experience the power of iVMS and take control of your fleet management processes today.

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