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Kago works exactly like IVMS, the only difference being that it takes on the physical form of a heavy-duty e-lock, it is used with an ultra-hard, unbreakable chain.

From the minute that large cargo contains are loaded on heavy-duty trucks for transportation from ports to the mainland, they become targets for smugglers and thugs who can open the containers and prevent goods from reaching their final destination.

Cargo security solutions, offer advanced features to safeguard valuable assets during transportation. Designed to combat theft and unauthorized access.

To deal with this problem, Kago ensures that you;

  • See the location of your cargo
  • See the activity of the tracker in real-time so you will know when/if the lock is opened in an unauthorised location
  • Have all the functionality of IVMS
  • Kago is mostly used on cargo containers, however, it can also be useful to transporters of valuable liquids like fuel and milk in tankers.

Key Features of Kago

Physical E-Lock Design:

Kago takes the form of a heavy-duty e-lock, specially designed to withstand tampering providing an additional layer of protection to cargo containers and valuable liquid transporters.

Real-Time Location Tracking:

With Kago, users can accurately track the location of their cargo in real time. By providing precise location data, Kago enables businesses to monitor the movement of their assets and respond swiftly to any deviations from the planned route.

Activity Monitoring: Receiving instant alerts when the lock is opened in unauthorized locations, businesses can take immediate action to prevent theft or tampering, ensuring the integrity of their cargo.

Integration with IVMS:

Kago offers all the functionality of IVMS, including comprehensive fleet management features such as driver behavior monitoring, geofencing, and customized reporting.

Benefits of Using Kago

Security Improvement:

Kago helps prevent theft, smuggling, and unauthorised access to cargo. Real-time tracking and alerts enable swift responses to any security breaches, minimising losses.

Efficiency and Transparency:

By providing accurate and real-time information on cargo location and condition, Kago enhances overall logistics efficiency. This transparency reduces delays and improves coordination in the supply chain.

Optimised Operations: Kago enables better planning and optimization of transportation routes, leading to fuel efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved overall logistics management.

Customer Satisfaction: With improved visibility into the movement of goods, Kago contributes to timely deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction. Stakeholders can provide accurate and reliable delivery timelines to their clients.

Risk Mitigation: Kago aids in risk management by allowing stakeholders to proactively address potential issues, such as route deviations or delays before they escalate into more significant problems.

Regulatory Compliance: Many regions have regulations and requirements for cargo transportation. Kago helps businesses comply with these regulations by providing the necessary tracking and monitoring capabilities.

KAGO contributes to a more secure, efficient, and transparent supply chain, positively impacting various aspects of cargo transportation and logistics.

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