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Local Owned

In rare cases where a fleet or equipment owner wants to own their servers and have them set up on their premises, we provide you that full service and call it Local Owned.

Local owned comes at a high cost so we only recommend it for government security agencies and companies whose data is sensitive to the extent that the cost of having that data in the public domain is higher than the capital costs of getting our Local Owned service.

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Local Owned has two main benefits;

1. Maximum security: Rest assured of your data. Access to location data and other information is restricted to authorised personnel ONLY.

2. one-time fee:

Unlike the subscription-based model, all the expenses for Local Owned can be quarantined in one financial year. You pay a one-time fee to purchase the servers, hardware and software.

Key Features and Benefits of the Local Owned Server

1. Data Security:

With Local Owned Servers, clients benefit from unparalleled data security measures. Access to location data and other sensitive information is restricted to authorized personnel only, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or breaches.

2. Full Control Over Infrastructure:

Unlike cloud-based or subscription models, Local Owned Servers empower businesses to have full control over their server infrastructure. From hardware specifications to software configurations, clients have the flexibility to tailor their server environment to meet their specific needs and security requirements.

3. Quarantined Capital Costs:

Local-owned servers operate on a one-time fee model, allowing businesses to quarantine all expenses related to server ownership within a single financial year. This eliminates the need for ongoing subscription fees and provides cost predictability over the long term.

4. Enhanced Data Confidentiality:

By hosting servers on-premises, businesses can ensure maximum confidentiality and privacy of their sensitive data. With strict access controls and restricted physical access, Local Owned Servers offer unparalleled protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.

5. Cost Predictability:

With Local Owned Servers, businesses benefit from cost predictability and financial transparency. By paying a one-time fee for server hardware and setup, clients can avoid the ongoing expenses associated with cloud-based or subscription models, providing greater control over their IT budget.

6. Tailored Infrastructure:

Local-owned servers allow businesses to customize their server infrastructure according to their specific requirements. From server hardware specifications to network configurations, clients have the flexibility to design a solution that aligns with their unique needs and business objectives.

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