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Local Rental

Local rental is similar to local owned in all aspects except when it comes to the software, unlike in Local Owned where you own the software, here you cut back on your initial capital investment by “renting” the software. Paying a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription to access the software.

To recap, the servers are set up on your site therefore you need server hardware, a temperature-controlled data centre, high-speed internet and a power backup solution like a generator.

Key Features and benefits of using the Local Rental servers

1. On-Premises Server Hosting:

With Local Rental Servers, clients have the opportunity to host servers on their premises, allowing for maximum control over data management and security. This ensures that sensitive information remains within the confines of the client’s facility, minimizing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

2. Flexible Software Rental:

Unlike Local Owned Servers, where clients own the software outright, Local Rental Servers offer the option to rent the software on a subscription basis. Clients can choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans, providing greater flexibility and cost control.

3. Maximized Data Security:

Hosting servers on-premises ensures maximum control over data security and confidentiality. With Local Rental Servers, businesses can implement stringent access controls and security measures to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.

4. Financial Flexibility:

With flexible subscription plans for software rental, Local Rental Servers provide businesses with financial flexibility. Clients can choose subscription periods that align with their budget and operational requirements, ensuring predictable and manageable expenses over time.

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