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Logistics is an order management app that sits on top of the IVMS platform. Logistics helps delivery companies to manage last-mile deliveries. 

Imported goods arrive at the airport or at the port of entry, and then they make their way to a warehouse, from that warehouse, there’s a need to distribute them to the end user. 

The same applies to goods manufactured here in Uganda. From the factories, goods are sent to warehouses and then distributed to retailers and end users.

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Tracking the movement of a package from the time it is dispatched out of the warehouse till the time it finally reaches the customer’s doorstep is known as last-mile tracking.

Last-mile delivery tracking is often the trickiest and the most expensive aspect of the supply chain, therefore it is vital to synchronise the three main components of this stage;

The people e.g drivers, managers and consumers, the Vehicles  and the consignments.

The Logistics app enables that synchronicity by helping fleet managers and dispatchers to;

  • Coordinate with the drivers during the whole process.
  • Coordinate with the final receiver of the consignment to plan for off-loading for example or simply to ensure that the receiver is available at the projected delivery time.
  • Assign consignments to the appropriate vehicles depending on factors like the size of the consignment, the special needs of the consignment say temperature control or fragility, the destination of the consignment etc.
  • Plan efficient routes not only to deliver consignments but also to coordinate pick-ups.

Key Features and Benefits of Logistics

1. Last-Mile Delivery Management:

Logistics focuses on managing the crucial last-mile of the delivery process, ensuring that goods reach their final destination promptly and efficiently. From warehouses to end-users’ doorsteps, Logistics streamlines the entire delivery journey, minimizing delays and maximizing operational efficiency.

2. Synchronization of Components:

Logistics synchronizes the three main components of last-mile delivery: people, vehicles, and consignments. By facilitating seamless coordination between drivers, managers, and consumers, Logistics ensures smooth communication and collaboration throughout the delivery process.

3. Driver Coordination:

With Logistics, fleet managers and dispatchers can effectively coordinate with drivers in real-time, providing them with essential information and instructions to optimize delivery routes and schedules. This enables drivers to navigate efficiently and make timely deliveries.

4. Real-Time Visibility:

Logistics provides real-time visibility into delivery operations, allowing fleet managers to monitor the movement of vehicles and track the status of consignments. This ensures greater transparency and accountability throughout the delivery process.

5.  Improved Customer Satisfaction: 

Logistics enables proactive communication with customers, providing them with accurate delivery updates and ensuring timely deliveries. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to positive brand reputation and repeat business.

6. Consignments Assignment:

Logistics facilitates the assignment of consignments to appropriate vehicles based on various factors such as consignment size, special requirements (e.g., temperature control), destination, and delivery schedule. This ensures efficient resource utilization and delivery capacity.

7. Cost Savings:

With optimized route planning and resource allocation, Logistics helps delivery companies reduce fuel consumption and operational costs associated with last-mile deliveries. This leads to significant cost savings and improved profitability over time.

8. Increased Operational Efficiency: 

By streamlining last-mile delivery processes and optimizing route planning, Logistics enhances operational efficiency, reducing delivery times and costs. This results in improved productivity and resource utilization for delivery companies.

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