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Logistics is an order management app that sits on top of the IVMS platform. Logistics helps delivery companies to manage last-mile deliveries. 

Imported goods arrive at the airport or at the port of entry, and then they make their way to a warehouse, from that warehouse, there’s a need to distribute them to the end user. 

The same applies to goods manufactured here in Uganda. From the factories, goods are sent to warehouses and then distributed to retailers and end users.

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Tracking the movement of a package from the time it is dispatched out of the warehouse till the time it finally reaches the customer’s doorstep is known as last-mile tracking.

Last-mile delivery tracking is often the trickiest and the most expensive aspect of the supply chain, therefore it is vital to synchronise the three main components of this stage;

The people e.g drivers, managers and consumers, the Vehicles  and the consignments.

The Logistics app enables that synchronicity by helping fleet managers and dispatchers to;

  • Coordinate with the drivers during the whole process.
  • Coordinate with the final receiver of the consignment to plan for off-loading for example or simply to ensure that the receiver is available at the projected delivery time.
  • Assign consignments to the appropriate vehicles depending on factors like the size of the consignment, the special needs of the consignment say temperature control or fragility, the destination of the consignment etc.
  • Plan efficient routes not only to deliver consignments but also to coordinate pick-ups.

Key Features of Logistics

Order Placement and Management: Simplify the order lifecycle with user-friendly interfaces for order placement, tracking, and real-time updates.

Route Planning: Utilise Google Maps integration to plan the most efficient delivery routes, minimising travel time and optimising fuel consumption.

Cost Savings: Identify cost-saving opportunities through data-driven insights, allowing you to make informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

Dispatch Coordination: Enable dispatchers to efficiently plan and distribute tasks, ensuring smooth coordination between the dispatch centre and drivers in real-time.

Delivery Process Monitoring: Track deliveries in real-time, offering visibility into the status of each delivery, reducing delays, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Mobile Application for Drivers: Empower your delivery personnel with a dedicated mobile app, enhancing their efficiency through intuitive interfaces for route navigation and order updates.

Benefits of Using Logistics

Increased Efficiency: LOGISTICS streamlines operations, reducing manual effort and enhancing overall efficiency in logistics and delivery management.

Cost Optimization: Identify cost-saving opportunities, leading to reduced operational expenses and increased profitability.

Real-Time Visibility: Gain real-time insights into delivery processes, enabling proactive decision-making and issue resolution.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Deliver on time, every time, with optimised routes and efficient processes, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalability: Adapt to changing demands seamlessly, as LOGISTICS provides a scalable solution that grows with your business.

Revolutionise your last-mile delivery management with LOGISTICS – Where efficiency meets optimisation for unparalleled success in the world of logistics and transportation.

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