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MAFUTA-CANBUS is an advanced telematics solution designed to use iVMS to tap into the Controller Area Network (CANbus – the onboard computer) of vehicles and retrieve insights into the operational aspects of a vehicle, like how much fuel is consumed by the engine of that vehicle, and display them in form of graphs and reports.

Mafuta-CANBUS, provides actionable insights into vehicle performance. From real-time monitoring to historical trend analysis, MAFUTA-CANBUS is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their vehicle fleet.

Key Features of the Mafuta CANBUS

  1. Real-Time Data Monitoring:

MAFUTA-CANBUS allows real-time monitoring of critical vehicle parameters, including engine speed, fuel consumption, temperature, and more. This feature enables fleet managers and vehicle owners to stay informed about their vehicles’ performance instantly.

  1. Fuel Consumption Analysis:

By tapping into the CANbus, MAFUTA-CANBUS provides accurate and detailed information about fuel consumption. Users can access comprehensive reports and graphs showcasing fuel efficiency, helping them identify areas for improvement and cost reduction.

  1. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Reporting:

MAFUTA-CANBUS monitors and reports DTCs, providing valuable insights into the health of the vehicle. Timely identification of issues allows for proactive maintenance, reducing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of the vehicle.

  1. Customizable Alerts and Notifications:

Users can set up custom alerts based on specific criteria, such as engine faults, excessive fuel consumption, or maintenance schedules. This proactive approach enables swift response to potential issues, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

  1. Historical Data and Trend Analysis:

MAFUTA-CANBUS stores historical data, allowing users to analyse trends over time. This feature aids in identifying patterns, making informed decisions about vehicle usage, and implementing strategies to optimise performance and efficiency.

  1. Integrated iVMS Portal:

MAFUTA-CANBUS sits on the iVMS portal, providing a user-friendly interface for accessing and interpreting vehicle data. The portal offers graphical representations and detailed reports, enhancing the user experience and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Benefits Of the Mafuta CANBUS

  1. Optimised Fleet Management:

MAFUTA-CANBUS empowers fleet managers to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced overall fleet performance.

  1. Cost Savings:

By monitoring fuel consumption, identifying maintenance needs, and preventing potential issues, MAFUTA-CANBUS helps reduce fuel costs, minimise repair expenses, and extend the lifespan of vehicles.

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  1. Enhanced Safety and Compliance:

The real-time monitoring and alerts system enhances safety by identifying and addressing issues promptly. Additionally, MAFUTA-CANBUS assists in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintenance schedules.

  1. Increased Productivity:

With accurate data on vehicle performance, owners can optimise routes, schedules, and maintenance, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

MAFUTA-CANBUS is a powerful telematics solution that leverages the capabilities of the CANbus to provide actionable insights into vehicle performance. From real-time monitoring to historical trend analysis, MAFUTA-CANBUS is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their vehicle fleet.

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