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Mafuta FLS

Fuel costs are the highest expense in the transportation/logistics business, therefore it is vital to manage your fuel well if a fleet is to run efficiently.

Efficient fuel use equals lower operating costs equals higher profit margins equal business growth and that is exactly what Mafuta FLS is designed to achieve for your business.

FLS stands for Fuel Level Sensor which is an electronic dipstick that we insert securely in the fuel tank of your vehicle.

This dipstick, the Fuel Level Sensor, is connected to a GPS tracker so you get to see on your phone, tablet or computer;

  • The volume of fuel in the tank at any given time
  • The volume added at refuelling, time and place.
  • The volume of fuel removed in case of siphoning.
  • The rate of consumption of the engine. (A very high rate of consumption rate can be an indicator of mechanical faults.)
  • Audit the fuel consumed vs the fuel delivered by the supplier. 

Key Features of the Mafuta FLS

In the dynamic realm of logistics and transportation, optimizing fuel management emerges as the heart of operational success, cost containment, and heightened profitability. MAFUTA-FLS is our state-of-the-art solution designed to transform the way fleets navigate the complexities of fuel resource management.

An Electronic Dipstick known as a Fuel Level Sensor

At the core of MAFUTA-FLS is an electronic dipstick, a fuel level sensor meticulously inserted into the fuel tank. This sensor seamlessly integrates with the iVMS platform, delivering a host of features that empower fleet managers to take charge of their fuel resources.

Real-time Visibility for Informed Decision-Making

MAFUTA-FLS provides insights into critical fuel dynamics through the iVMS portal. Fleet managers can effortlessly monitor real-time fuel levels, and track volume added on refueling plus where and when refuelling occurs. This real-time visibility empowers teams to make swift, informed decisions, optimising fuel utilisation for peak efficiency.

Precision Fuel Theft Detection

Combatting fuel theft is a formidable challenge in the industry, and MAFUTA-FLS offers a solution. The system meticulously tracks instances of fuel removal, offering detailed information on when and where siphoning occurs. This not only acts as a deterrent but also enables quick action against unauthorised activities.

Mechanical Fault Detection through Fuel Consumption Analysis

MAFUTA-FLS transcends basic fuel tracking by employing advanced fuel consumption analysis. Deviations from expected consumption patterns can be indicative of potential mechanical faults, allowing for proactive maintenance to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

Invoice Auditing for Supplier Accountability

MAFUTA-FLS provides precise records of fuel consumption which allows fleet owners and managers to cross-check that data against the invoices provided by suppliers. This feature mitigates the risk of discrepancies and overcharges, fostering a transparent and accountable fuel procurement process.

Guarding Against Adulterated Fuels and Black Market Risks

MAFUTA-FLS serves as a robust defence against the use of adulterated fuels from the black market. By offering insights into siphoning and refuelling activities, the system proactively safeguards engines from potential damage caused by substandard fuels.

Benefits of Using the Mafuta FLS

Operational Efficiency: MAFUTA-FLS equips fleet managers with real-time data, enabling proactive decision-making and streamlined operational efficiency.

Cost Containment: By curbing fuel theft, identifying mechanical faults, and ensuring accurate invoicing, MAFUTA-FLS contributes to substantial cost-cutting, positively impacting the bottom line.

Proactive Maintenance: Advanced fuel consumption analysis aids in the early detection of mechanical issues, allowing for proactive maintenance to prevent major breakdowns and reduce downtime.

Fleet Security: The system’s ability to detect unauthorized fuel removal acts as a powerful deterrent, enhancing overall fleet security and protecting valuable assets.

Engine Protection: By guarding against adulterated fuels, MAFUTA FLS helps preserve engine integrity, prolonging the life of fleet vehicles and minimising maintenance costs.

Supplier Accountability: MAFUTA FLS empowers fleet operators to hold fuel suppliers accountable, ensuring fair transactions and reducing losses to financial discrepancies.

MAFUTA-FLS emerges as a transformative force in fuel management, combining cutting-edge features with tangible benefits. This solution promises not only increased efficiency and cost savings but also a fortified defence against the challenges faced by fleets in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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