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Mafuta FLS

Fuel costs are the highest expense in the transportation/logistics business, therefore it is vital to manage your fuel well if a fleet is to run efficiently.

Efficient fuel use equals lower operating costs equals higher profit margins equal business growth and that is exactly what Mafuta FLS is designed to achieve for your business.

FLS stands for Fuel Level Sensor which is an electronic dipstick that we insert securely in the fuel tank of your vehicle.

This dipstick, the Fuel Level Sensor, is connected to the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) so you get to see on your phone, tablet or computer;

  • The volume of fuel in the tank at any given time
  • The volume added at refuelling. When it was added and from where.
  • The volume of fuel removed from the tank in case of siphoning
  • The rate of consumption of the engine. (A very high rate of consumption rate can be an indicator of mechanical faults.)
  • The fuel consumed vs the fuel supplied by the supplier. (Audit your supplier)

Key Features and benefits of Using Mafuta FLS

  1. Fuel Level Sensor (FLS):

Mafuta FLS incorporates a state-of-the-art Fuel Level Sensor, akin to an electronic dipstick, securely inserted into your vehicle’s fuel tank. This sensor provides real-time data on fuel levels, empowering you with precise insights into fuel consumption and usage patterns.

2. Integration with IVMS:

The Fuel Level Sensor seamlessly integrates with our In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), allowing you to monitor fuel-related metrics conveniently from your phone, tablet, or computer. Track fuel volume, refueling activities, fuel removal (siphoning), and engine consumption rates effortlessly.

3. Audit Supplier Transactions:

Mafuta FLS enables you to reconcile fuel consumption data with supplier invoices, facilitating efficient auditing of fuel transactions. Identify discrepancies and ensure that you receive the correct volume of fuel from your suppliers, thereby mitigating the risk of financial losses.

4. Combat Black Market Fuel Usage:

By accurately monitoring fuel usage and detecting anomalies, Mafuta FLS helps combat the negative impact of black market fuel usage. Prevent fuel theft and unauthorized usage, safeguarding your fleet from engine damage and maintenance costs associated with impure fuels.

5. Data-driven Insights:

Gain valuable insights into fuel consumption patterns, driver behavior, and operational trends with Mafuta FLS. Utilize this data to identify areas for improvement, implement targeted interventions, and drive continuous optimization across your fleet operations.

6. Cost Savings:

Mafuta FLS enables you to optimize fuel consumption and reduce operating costs, leading to significant savings and improved profit margins. Identify inefficiencies, minimize fuel wastage, and enhance overall fleet performance, driving business growth and success.

So, what are you waiting for?

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