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Do you have a fueling station on your site? then the Mafuta fuel card is made just for you!

Fuel card suppliers like Shell, Total, City Oil, and others offer fuel cards to businesses to help them in the quest to combat pump fraud and eliminate cash transactions. While these fuel card systems offer convenience, they often fall prey to a critical loophole – the lack of mileage monitoring.

Mafuta Fuel Card authentication

Key Features of the Mafuta Fuel Card

Seamless Integration:

MAFUTA-FUEL CARD integrates with renowned fuel card systems, building upon their foundation and connecting them to the iVMS platform. This union merges fuel card transactions and run-hour reports, providing a comprehensive overview of the fuel procurement process.

Mileage Monitoring Mastery:

Bid farewell to the era of inflated mileage figures. MAFUTA-FUEL CARD actively monitors and cross-references mileage data from the iVMS platform with fuel card transactions, ensuring that reported distances align precisely with actual vehicle usage, eliminating the risk of manipulation.

fuel card infographic

Unrivalled Security Measures:

MAFUTA-FUEL CARD takes security to new heights. With stringent authentication measures, only authorized card users can access fuel transactions so your company’s fuel expenses are shielded from fraud in the form of card sharing.

Fraud Prevention:

By addressing the mileage reporting gap inherent in traditional fuel card systems, MAFUTA-FUEL CARD significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent claims. Experience heightened confidence as the system guarantees the accuracy and transparency of your company’s fuel expenses.

Fuel telematics dashboard

Benefits of the Mafuta Fuel Card

The Mafuta fuel card, a product from 3D Services, offers a range of benefits to those looking to manage their fuel spending more effectively. Here are some of the key benefits:

Streamlined User Authentication:

MAFUTA-FUEL CARD’s authentication system ensures that only authorised users can procure fuel, ending unauthorised access and misuse.

Comprehensive Reporting Insights:

MAFUTA-FUEL CARD provides detailed and insightful reports that you can access on your iVMS portal empowering you to make informed decisions.

Say goodbye to vulnerabilities in traditional fuel card systems with 3D Services’ MAFUTA-FUEL CARD. Gain unparalleled control, fortify against fraud, and drive your company’s success with confidence and precision.

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