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MAFUTA Pump avi

AVI stands for Automatic Vehicle Identification. Mafuta Pump AVI is a two-part hardware comprising an RFID reader at the fuel dispenser and a corresponding RFID sensor on the vehicle.

RFID, or Radio-Frequency Identification, is a technology that uses wireless communication to identify and track objects. 

In the context of Mafuta Pump AVI, RFID plays a pivotal role in the Automatic Vehicle Identifier system. The RFID reader at the fuel dispenser communicates wirelessly with an RFID sensor attached to the vehicle, allowing for seamless pairing and data exchange.

How it works

The AVI technology enables secure and efficient identification of vehicles during fueling transactions, providing real-time and historical data for monitoring and analysis on the iVMS platform.

RFID enhances the accuracy, speed, and reliability of vehicle identification, contributing to the overall effectiveness of Mafuta Pump AVI in fuel management.

Key Features of the Mafuta CANBUS

Mafuta Pump AVI seamlessly pairs up, transmitting real-time and historical data to the iVMS platform and has the listed Key features

RFID Technology: Employs advanced RFID technology for efficient vehicle identification, ensuring that only authorised vehicles are fuelled at the owner’s expense.

Real-time Monitoring: Enables fuel owners to monitor fueling transactions in real time, offering immediate insights into which vehicle is receiving fuel, along with details on quantity, location, and time.

Historical Data: Provides a comprehensive historical overview of fueling transactions, aiding in detailed analysis, reporting, and optimization of fuel management strategies.

User-friendly Interface: The iVMS platform boasts an intuitive interface, making it easy for fuel owners to navigate and access pertinent information effortlessly.

Fueling a car

Benefits of using the Mafuta Pump AVI

Enhanced Accountability: Mafuta Pump AVI enhances accountability by precisely tracking each fueling transaction, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies and unauthorised usage.

Cost Optimisation: Enables fuel owners to analyse fuel consumption patterns and optimise costs by identifying fueling inefficiencies and discrepancies.

Efficient Fleet Management: Ideal for fleet owners, Mafuta Pump AVI streamlines fleet management by providing accurate insights into each vehicle’s fueling activity, facilitating better decision-making.

fuel siphoning from truck

Customisable Reporting: The iVMS platform offers customizable reporting options, allowing fuel owners to tailor data analysis based on specific parameters and preferences.

Increased Productivity: By automating the vehicle identification process, Mafuta Pump AVI minimises downtime during fueling, enhancing overall operational efficiency for both fuel stations and vehicle owners.

Fuel Theft Deterrent: By allowing fuel owners to swiftly detect and address any irregularities in fueling transactions, Mafuta Pump AVI not only deters unauthorised access but also provides a proactive means to identify and prevent fuel theft, ensuring a secure and accountable fueling process for fuel station operators and vehicle owners.

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Mafuta Pump AVI is a comprehensive solution poised to elevate the fueling experience, ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in every transaction. 

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