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MDVR, short for Mobile Digital Video Recorder, represents a significant leap forward in fleet surveillance technology. Serving as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system for mobile assets, MDVR integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras to provide real-time video streaming, enhanced storage capabilities, and connectivity with external sensors. With MDVR, fleet managers gain unprecedented visibility into their vehicles’ activities, enabling improved safety, efficiency, and decision-making.

Events in telematics are cases of poor driving, such as; harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, speeding, swerving, lane deviation, free-wheeling etc.

The hardware comes with an application, and it also comes with integration with our main IVMS platform. So when you log into our IVMS platform, you can; live stream, playback video footage, extract events.


Key Features of the MDVR

1. Modular Camera Setup:

Unlike traditional DashCams, MDVR adopts a modular approach to camera installation. With up to five external hardwired cameras, including forward-facing, cabin-facing, rear-view, and side-view cameras, MDVR offers comprehensive coverage of vehicle surroundings and driver activities.

2. Expanded Storage Capacity:

MDVR replaces limited SD card storage with an inbuilt hard disk capable of storing up to 2TB of footage. This extended storage capacity allows for the retention of video footage for up to two months, providing valuable historical data for analysis and investigation.

5. Integration with External Sensors:

MDVR offers seamless integration with a variety of external sensors, including fuel level sensors, door sensors, tilt sensors, and temperature sensors. By connecting to these sensors, MDVR enhances fleet monitoring capabilities and enables the detection of critical events such as fuel theft, unauthorized access, and temperature fluctuations.

6. Integration with IVMS Platform:

MDVR seamlessly integrates with the main In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) platform, providing fleet managers with a centralized hub for surveillance and analysis. Through the IVMS platform, users can live stream, playback video footage, and extract event data for further review and action.

Benefits of Using the MDVR

1. Enhanced Fleet Safety and Security:

MDVR enhances fleet safety by providing real-time video surveillance and event detection capabilities. With comprehensive camera coverage and integration with external sensors, MDVR helps prevent accidents, deter theft, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

2. Improved Driver Behavior:

By monitoring and recording driving events, MDVR encourages safer driving behaviors among fleet drivers. Real-time alerts for poor driving practices enable proactive intervention and coaching, leading to reduced risks and improved road safety.

3. Optimized Fleet Management:

With MDVR’s advanced surveillance capabilities and telematics integration, fleet managers can optimize vehicle usage, route planning, and resource allocation. The ability to monitor driver behavior and vehicle performance in real-time enables informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

4. Cost Savings and Compliance:

MDVR helps reduce operational costs by minimizing accidents, vehicle downtime, and insurance premiums associated with poor driving behavior. Additionally, by promoting compliance with safety regulations and industry standards, MDVR helps mitigate legal risks and liability exposure.

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