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Oliwa, derived from the Luganda word for “Where are you,” is a comprehensive car tracking solution designed for individuals seeking to maintain control and oversight of their vehicles. 

As a basic car tracker, Oliwa offers essential features tailored to meet the needs of individual car owners who primarily drive their vehicles but may occasionally entrust them to others. 

With real-time location tracking, geofencing capabilities, and customizable alerts, Oliwa provides peace of mind and full control over personal vehicles, even when they are in the hands of others.

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Key Features of Oliwa

1. Real-Time Location Tracking:

Oliwa enables car owners to track the location of their vehicles in real-time using a mobile app or web portal. This feature allows owners to monitor their car’s movements and whereabouts, providing reassurance and control at all times.

2. Geofencing and Perimeter Alerts:

With Oliwa, users can set up geofences around specific locations such as car washes, garages, or their child’s school. When the vehicle enters or exits these predefined perimeters, owners receive instant notifications, allowing them to stay informed and proactive.

3. Customizable Alerts and Notifications:

Oliwa offers customizable alert settings, allowing users to receive notifications based on their preferences. Whether it’s entering or exiting geofenced areas, unexpected detours, or speeding incidents, Oliwa keeps owners informed and in control of their vehicle’s activities.

4. Driver Monitoring and Oversight:

In situations where others have temporary control of the vehicle, such as lending it to a friend or employing a driver, Oliwa provides owners with comprehensive monitoring and oversight capabilities. Users can track the driver’s location, monitor driving behavior, and ensure adherence to predefined routes or schedules.

Benefits of Using Oliwa

1. Peace of Mind and Control:

Oliwa provides car owners with peace of mind and full control over their vehicles, even when they are not behind the wheel. With real-time tracking and geofencing features, owners can monitor their car’s activities and ensure its safety and security at all times.

2. Efficient Vehicle Management:

By offering real-time location tracking and customizable alerts, Oliwa helps streamline vehicle management and optimize usage. Owners can track mileage, monitor service intervals, and ensure timely maintenance, leading to improved vehicle longevity and performance.

3. Safety and Accountability:

Oliwa promotes safety and accountability by allowing owners to monitor driving behavior, enforce speed limits, and ensure adherence to predefined routes. This proactive approach to vehicle oversight enhances safety for both drivers and passengers and reduces the risk of accidents or misuse

4. Cost Savings and Loss Prevention:

By preventing theft, unauthorized use, and potential damage to the vehicle, Oliwa helps owners avoid costly losses and expenses. With its proactive security features and real-time alerts, Oliwa minimizes the risk of financial loss and ensures the long-term value of the vehicle.

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