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Paso, a play on the word “parcel,” is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the tracking and management of small packages and parcels as they move from one location to another. 

Whether traveling overseas by air or sea, Paso provides asset managers with unparalleled visibility and control over the movements of their valuable parcels, ensuring timely delivery and efficient logistics management

As an asset manager, no matter the destination, you always want to trace;

  • Where has the parcel gone? 
  • How long has it been at a particular warehouse? 
  • Where is it at the moment? 

Key Features of Paso

Portable Self-Powered Tracker:

Paso features a small, portable, self-powered tracker that can be easily inserted inside parcels. With a long-life battery, this tracker ensures continuous monitoring of parcel movements without the need for external power sources.

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring:

Paso enables real-time tracking and monitoring of parcel locations, allowing asset managers to trace the journey of each parcel from origin to destination. Users can log in to the mobile app or web portal to view the current location of parcels and track their movements in transit.


Insightful Reporting and Analytics:

Paso provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features, allowing users to generate reports on parcel waiting times, transit durations, route deviations, and more. These insights enable informed decision-making and optimization of logistics operations.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications:

Asset managers can set up alerts and notifications for various events, such as delays in transit or prolonged waiting times at warehouses. Paso notifies users in real-time, allowing them to take proactive measures to address issues and ensure timely delivery.

Supplier Evaluation and Performance Appraisal:

Paso facilitates the appraisal of service providers, couriers, and transportation methods by providing data on delivery times, transit durations, and overall service quality. This feature empowers asset managers to optimize their supply chain and enhance partnerships with reliable suppliers.

Turnaround Time Optimization:

Paso allows asset managers to analyze turnaround times for parcels, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the logistics process. This optimization helps streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Benefits of using Paso

Cost Savings and Optimization:

Paso helps optimize logistics operations, reducing costs associated with lost parcels, inefficient routes, and prolonged waiting times. This cost-saving benefit contributes to improved financial performance for businesses.

Streamlined Operations Management:

With Paso’s comprehensive reporting and analytics features, asset managers can streamline operations management and make data-driven decisions to optimize logistics processes.

Enhanced Visibility and Control:

Paso provides asset managers with unparalleled visibility and control over parcel movements, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the logistics chain.

Improved Efficiency and Timeliness:

By enabling real-time tracking and monitoring, Paso enhances operational efficiency and ensures timely delivery of parcels, reducing the risk of delays and disruptions.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

By ensuring timely delivery and proactive communication, Paso enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering positive relationships with clients and partners.

Risk Mitigation and Loss Prevention:

Paso helps mitigate the risk of lost or damaged parcels by providing real-time tracking and customizable alerts for potential issues. This proactive approach minimizes losses and protects valuable assets in transit.

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