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PASO is a portable self-powered GPS tracker used for tracking parcels.

This tracker can be placed inside a package to provide real-time location updates during transit. 

They often have built-in batteries for power, allowing them to function independently. 

The data collected by these trackers can be accessed through a corresponding app or online platform, providing shippers and recipients with accurate and timely information about the parcel’s location.

Key users of Paso

The target market for PASO includes various stakeholders involved in the shipping and logistics industry.

Shipping Companies: Large and small shipping companies utilise these trackers to enhance their overall logistics operations, improve efficiency, and provide better services to their clients.

E-commerce Businesses: Online retailers and e-commerce platforms benefit from parcel trackers to offer a superior customer experience by providing accurate and real-time shipment tracking information.

Logistics and Supply Chain Companies: Businesses involved in broader logistics and supply chain management employ these trackers to optimise transportation routes, monitor inventory movement, and streamline overall supply chain processes.

Courier Services: Companies specialising in courier services can use trackers to ensure timely and secure delivery of parcels, improving their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers and Distributors: Manufacturers and distributors deploying valuable or time-sensitive goods find these trackers valuable for maintaining visibility and control over their shipments.

International Freight Forwarders: Companies engaged in international freight and shipping leverage these trackers to monitor cross-border shipments and comply with customs regulations more efficiently.

Features and Benefits of Paso

 Real-Time Tracking: These trackers provide real-time location updates, enabling shippers and recipients to monitor the parcel’s journey and estimated time of arrival.

Improved Visibility: Enhanced visibility into the shipping process helps in reducing the chances of lost or delayed packages, providing a better overall customer experience.

Security: The ability to track parcels in real-time enhances the security of shipments, making it easier to identify and address any potential issues or discrepancies.

Efficient Logistics: Shippers can optimize logistics and transportation routes based on the data collected, leading to more efficient and cost-effective delivery processes.

Customer Satisfaction: Accurate tracking information contributes to customer satisfaction by keeping them informed about the status and location of their packages.

Reduced Losses: In case of lost or misplaced parcels, the tracking data can aid in locating and recovering the packages, reducing losses for both shippers and recipients.

Overall, these trackers enhance the efficiency, security, and reliability of the parcel delivery process.

In summary, the target market encompasses a broad range of industries involved in the movement and delivery of goods, where the ability to track parcels in real time is crucial for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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