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Piki, derived from the Luganda term for motorised two-wheelers, is a cost-effective tracker designed specifically for motorcycle owners seeking efficient tracking solutions for their vehicles. 

Whether you own a single motorbike or manage a fleet of motorcycles ridden by your employees, Piki offers a comprehensive tracking system accessible through a mobile app. With its intuitive features and affordability, Piki simplifies motorcycle tracking and enhances security for owners and riders alike.

Piki is a cost-effective tracker which can be accessed on a mobile app. Piki is ideal for you if you own a motorbike or a handful of motorbikes that are ridden by your employee(s).

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Key Features of Piki

1. Real-Time Location Tracking:

Piki enables motorcycle owners to track the location of each bike in real-time using the mobile app. This feature provides instant visibility and ensures that owners are aware of the whereabouts of their motorcycles at all times.

2. Trip History Playback:

With Piki, users can playback trip history for each motorcycle, allowing them to review past routes and destinations. This feature facilitates performance analysis and helps identify any irregularities or deviations from established routes.

3. Geofence Setup:

Piki allows users to set up geofences, virtual boundaries around specific areas or routes. Owners receive notifications when motorcycles enter or exit these predefined zones, enhancing security and enabling proactive management of vehicle movements.

4. Start and Finish Time Monitoring:

Piki enables owners to monitor the start and finish times of motorcycle trips, providing insights into usage patterns and ensuring adherence to schedules. This feature helps optimize operational efficiency and resource allocation.

5. Anti-Theft Functionality:

In the unfortunate event of theft, Piki offers an immobilisation feature that allows owners to remotely disable the motorbike. This proactive measure helps deter theft and increases the chances of recovering stolen motorcycles.

6. Scalable Solution for Fleet Management:

While Piki is suitable for owners with a handful of motorcycles, it may become complex to track larger fleets. In such cases, Piki recommends installing individual trackers on each motorcycle and connecting them to the IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) portal for streamlined fleet management.

Benefits of Using Piki

  1. Enhanced Security and Theft Prevention:

Piki provides motorcycle owners with peace of mind by offering real-time tracking and anti-theft functionality. Owners can monitor their vehicles closely and take immediate action in the event of suspicious activity or theft attempts.

2. Improved Operational Efficiency:

By offering features such as trip history playback and geofence setup, Piki helps owners streamline operations and optimize resource allocation. This efficiency leads to cost savings and increased productivity.

3. Convenient Remote Monitoring:

With the Piki mobile app, motorcycle owners can conveniently monitor and manage their vehicles from anywhere, at any time. This remote accessibility enhances flexibility and enables proactive decision-making.

4. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting:

Piki provides comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing owners to access detailed information about motorcycle movements and usage patterns. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and performance analysis.

5. Affordable and Cost-Effective Solution:

Piki offers a cost-effective tracking solution for motorcycle owners, with affordable pricing and minimal setup requirements. This affordability makes Piki accessible to a wide range of users, from individual owners to small businesses with limited budgets.

6. Scalable Fleet Management Options:

For owners with larger motorcycle fleets, Piki offers scalable solutions for fleet management through integration with the IVMS portal. This flexibility allows owners to expand their tracking capabilities as their business grows, ensuring continued effectiveness and reliability.

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