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The Toto Solution name is inspired by the word “Mtoto” which means child in Swahili. The most precious asset anyone would wish to protect

Our Toto solution is a low-cost wristwatch with an inbuilt battery, Simcard, memory and an antenna which works as a tracker and it is designed to track minors. 

The user of Toto is usually the parent or guardian of the minor who wears the watch. 

With Toto, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are always connected with your child and can ensure their safety at all times.  

Key Features and Benefits of Using Toto

1. Location Monitoring: With Toto, you can easily monitor the real-time location of your child. Whether they are at school, at a friend’s house, or out playing, you can track their whereabouts through the Toto app on your smartphone. This feature allows you to stay informed and aware of your child’s movements throughout the day.

2. Arrival and Departure Times: Toto enables you to keep track of the exact times your child arrives at or leaves a particular location. This feature provides you with valuable insights into your child’s daily routine and allows you to ensure they are following their schedule.

3. Route Planning and Deviation Alerts: Plan routes for your child’s daily activities, such as commuting to school or extracurricular activities. Toto will provide you with notifications if your child deviates from the planned route, allowing you to take appropriate action if necessary. This feature ensures that you are always aware of any unexpected changes in your child’s movements.

4. Geofencing: Toto allows you to set up geofences around specific locations such as your child’s school or your home. Whenever your child enters or leaves these predefined areas, you will receive instant notifications on your smartphone. This feature ensures that you are immediately alerted whenever your child goes beyond the boundaries you have set.

 5. Watch Removal Alert: Toto includes an alert system that notifies you whenever the watch is removed from your child’s wrist. This feature ensures that you are immediately aware if your child tries to take off the watch, allowing you to address any potential concerns or issues promptly.

6. Low Battery Notification: Toto is equipped with an inbuilt battery that provides long-lasting power. However, in the event that the battery is running low, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. This feature ensures that you can recharge the watch before it loses functionality, guaranteeing uninterrupted monitoring of your child’s safety.

7. SOS Button: Toto is designed with a discreet SOS button on the side of the watch. In case of any danger or emergency, your child can press the SOS button to send an immediate alert to you. This feature provides an added layer of security and allows your child to reach out for help discreetly when needed.

Toto is the perfect solution for parents and guardians who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. With its advanced features such as location monitoring, geofencing, route planning, and SOS capabilities, Toto offers unparalleled peace of mind and a sense of security. Stay connected with your child and protect them with Toto, the ultimate guardian for young ones.

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