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Waitag is a phone app which can be turned on and off on demand to turn your smartphone into a tracker.

Waitag is a great alternative to Capo in cases where your field staff own smartphones or where your company phones are smartphones.

Waitag can be used to monitor and playback the movements of your field staff. The staff member has to download the app, turn on their GPS for location information and need an internet connection like mobile data activated.

Key Features of Wiatag

Real-Time Employee Tracking: WiaTag allows users to monitor the location of field employees in real time, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Task Management: Users can efficiently send tasks to field employees through the app, streamlining communication and task assignment.

Execution Control: WiaTag enables users to monitor and control the execution of assigned tasks, ensuring that work is carried out according to plan.

Comprehensive Personal Monitoring System: The application serves as an integral part of a personal monitoring system, offering a holistic approach to tracking and managing field activities.

Configurator Web App: All settings are conveniently centralised in a separate configurator web app, providing easy access for configuration and diagnostics.

Remote Accessibility: Integrators benefit from 24/7 remote access to app configuration and diagnostics, enhancing control and support capabilities.

Benefits of Using Wiatag

Improved Accountability: WiaTag enhances accountability by providing a transparent system for tracking tasks and monitoring employee activities.

Flexible Configuration: The configurator web app allows for flexible and remote configuration, catering to the unique needs of different users and scenarios.

Enhanced Security: With real-time tracking, WiaTag adds an extra layer of security, enabling users to respond promptly to unexpected situations or emergencies.

Employee Engagement: By recognizing and rewarding high performers, Wiatag fosters a culture of engagement and motivation, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and retention.

Compliance and Security: Wiatag helps in ensuring compliance with labor regulations and enhancing security measures through geofencing and location tracking features.

Continuous Improvement: Through evidence-based training and performance analytics, Wiatag supports continuous improvement initiatives, driving professional development and organizational growth.

This combination of features and benefits positions WiaTag as a robust solution for personal monitoring and field employee management.

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