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Fuel Telematics Technology Vehicle Telematics

Telematics Solutions: Key factors that shape the cost of implementing them.

Telematics solutions, a fusion of telecommunications and informatics, have become integral in various industries, offering advanced tracking, monitoring, and management capabilities. The price of telematics solutions is influenced by several variables, reflecting the complexity and customization options available. Telematics solutions rely on various connectivity options, including cellular networks, satellite communication, or a combination of both. […]

Fuel Telematics Technology Vehicle Telematics
Fuel tank

The use Of Telematics In Fuel Management

Telematics refers to the integration of telecommunications and information technology to send, receive, and store information about remote objects, such as vehicles and machines, to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. In the context of fuel management, telematics plays a crucial role in monitoring and optimizing fuel usage in various ways. Here are some ways telematics […]

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3D Services Limited – Who We Are

Welcome to 3D Services Limited: Leading the Way in Tracking Solutions across East Africa Since 2010. At 3D Services Limited, we are proud to be in the business of tracking goods, vehicles, and people with over a decade of experience in the field. Our state-of-the-art Telematics and Tracking systems combine the power of the Global […]

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In Cabin Camera video Telematics

Service Types РAI & Video Telematics 

Transforming Fleet Management with AI and Video TelematicsIn today’s fast-paced world, fleet management has become more crucial than ever. Whether for your vehicle or a large fleet, staying on top of your vehicles’ safety, efficiency, and overall operations is essential. Fortunately, advancements in technology have revolutionized fleet management, and one such innovation that is taking […]